What's the Deal With Yucca?

We're obsessed with  plants can live in the harshest environments. Plants that are so omnipresent and sustaining that they're woven into the stories of the people that live among them.

We’re hooked when we come across tales of remedies made from the plants, evidence that there might be some science we can tap into for our products. That's when we dive in.

We mentioned that the entire basis for our brand was the Yucca dotting the deserts of southwestern North America. We dug a little bit more to figure out what kept Yucca sustaining in the harsh desert and investigated what it was used for.

Gabrielle Hatfield fortunately did a deep dive into the uses of Yucca in the Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine that we started in on. Yucca is used to treat earache, prevent baldness, treat dandruff, and even as a face mask to treat blemishes by native peoples all across North America from the Appalachians to the Sonoran Desert.

We read this and the chemistry sirens started blaring. What in the world is this magical plant? Good news: the National Institute of Health dug into it. Here's what's in the extract:

  1. Resveratrol. This super compound is most commonly associated with the benefits of red wine but, as Men's Health mentions has been credited with everything from increasing mental sharpness to improving cardiovascular health.

  2. Saponins. These little guys are the real crux of why Yucca is good for skincare. They're lean, mean, protozoa-crushing machines. Protozoa produce oxidants and and peroxides which in turn inflame and irritate skin. This is why saponins are anti-oxidants.

  3. Yuccaols. These compounds inhibit the production of Nitric Oxide, another inflammatory agent.

These attributes made it a no-brainer to pack our moisturizer with Yucca Root Extract. It teams up with our other plant-based ingredients to add moisture to all skin types without feeling greasy or oily.