Why Should I Moisturize?

We get this question a lot. And the truth is, it's hard to find reliable information out there that explains why. The basic response is that we all want to age gracefully, and part of waltzing into the future is delaying the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizer can help you with that.

The thing is, our skin naturally creases with age. All we can do to slow its roll is to keep it hydrated. This is where moisturizer comes in. Have you ever tried to fold a wet piece of paper? Pretty hard to make a crease that lasts when you unfold it.

Because we're evolved beings, our skin produces oil to protect itself. That oil is called sebum and is different in composition for each person. If you want to learn a ton more, here's a great dermatology primer. We produce different amounts during each stage of our life. A lot during teenage years, times of stress, and when we're under hormonal assault, and a little less when we're out of adolescence and cool as a cucumber.

The big problem is that sebum is comodegenic or, in English, clogs pores. This is why teenagers get covered in zits. Or why you break out when you're under stress.

Here's how we think about skin care at Yucca. We gently remove the sebum with Cactus Stem Face Wash and then replace it with the non-comodegenic, natural ingredients in our Yucca Root Moisturizer. Instead of gross old sebum, you get soy lecithin and ethyl macadamiate. These naturally-derived alternatives condition like sebum without clogging pores. We then add vegetable glycerin to keep all that moisture from evaporating, and Vitamin E and Yucca Root Extract to reverse the damage you did before you started moisturizing. We made our moisturizer light and non-oily so it doesn't feel oppressive.

So that's it. Remove the bad, add the good, keep the wrinkles away. Super simple. Stay tuned for more helpful tips!