I was traveling through Mexico a few years back and had stopped to take a photo of a roadside vista just south of Puebla. It was dry, arid, and dusty and I grabbed some quick shots of the valley landscape.


I paused before jumping back in the 4x4 to take a closer look at the plants spotting the highway. Not only were they growing in the gravel and between rocks in what seemed to be a landscape that hadn’t seen a drop of water in weeks, they had some odd markings on their leaves.

I moved closer and realized that not only were the plants surviving, they were covered in graffiti. There were affirmations carved into the leaves of the Yucca—a living canvas for the youth of towns that dot the road from Mexico City to Puebla. Puzzled, I did some investigating. It turns out Yucca Root Extract is filled with anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, exactly what might turn a roadside plant into an impenetrable canvas. 

Enter Yucca. Natural skincare products formulated with extracts that defy the elements. Products that are packed with the same molecules that keep life thriving where other life perishes. We look forward to having you on our journey.